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Saturday Nights theme for 2023 – HOLLYWOOD

Dress up as an Oscar, come as your favourite film character or just paint yourself green with your Handpan on your back and come as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle… Because in Hollywood, Anything Goes.

So get your glad rags on, tread the HangOut red carpet and best dressed wins a prize!

Something different for HangOut this year!

Got any musical instruments at home that you want to get rid of? an old Bone Flute maybe, or that triangle you were forced to play in the school concert. Or maybe you just want to make some more space for that new HandPan in your life.

We’re going to have a bit of fun on HangOut Saturday afternoon with a live HangOut auction in the marquee.

Just bring along your musical instruments, and we’ll auction them off for you – All money goes to you, we’re not looking to make anything from this, just creating a space for people to pass on some treasures to other people and have a bit of fun along the way.

Details of the auction time will be in the programme

We have been truly blessed over the last 16 years to have an amazing raffle every HangOut Saturday night. Some of the most amazing, kind and generous makers of Handpans, amongst all the other amazing prizes we’ve been able to offer, have shown their support over the years and we are eternally grateful. Your generosity has raised much needed additional funds that we have been able to put back into the event to buy/replace equipment, and build on this event every year.

It’s also given lots of people the chance to own a handpan for the price of a strip of raffle tickets. People that would otherwise not be able to afford one, and we have seen some genuine tears of joy from winners as they have collected their prize.

Vibralibre handpans were generous enough last year with giving an instrument for the raffle, but Simon has come forward again this year to offer another handpan. Our Handpan Hero ❤️ Do check out his website, he’s a fabulous crafter of handpans and a genuinely lovely guy.

Barry Mason has also donated a Titanium Bell for the raffle this year and has been amazingly generous with raffle prizes over the years. Please check out his website

Tickets for the raffle are priced at £5 per strip, that’s 5 tickets for £5! Tickets will be available over the weekend and are only available for those attending the HangOut weekend.

HangOut Makers Market
On the Sunday morning at11am we’re creating a space for all you arty/crafty/creative folk out there that have something to sell, trade or gift. Bring along your wares, a table or just a blanket, set up stall and have fun.